26SI Series Alternator – Starting Motor – Disassemble – 37-MT and 41-MT

Disassemble the Starting Motor

Start By:

  1. Remove the starting motor from the machine.

Note: The disassembly of the 12 volt starting motor is similar to the disassembly of the 24 volt starting motor.

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Description     Quantity    
A     1P-1855     Retaining Ring Pliers     1    

    Illustration 1 g00810179

  1. Disconnect and remove shunt wire assembly (4) and motor terminal connector “MTR” (3) from the solenoid (1) and starting motor.

    Illustration 2 g00820183

    Illustration 3 g00810580

  1. Remove the plug (5) and seal from the shift lever housing. Remove the nut (6) that is inside the shift lever housing. The nut holds the plunger to the shift lever.
  1. Remove bolts (2) and solenoid (1) from the shift lever housing. Do not disassemble the solenoid. The parts inside the solenoid are not serviceable.

    Illustration 4 g00810222

    Illustration 5 g00810478

  1. Mark the following components for correct assembly: rear housing (8), pinion drive, shift lever housing and starting motor housing. Remove four bolts (7) and rear housing (8). Remove washer (9) from the armature. Remove the O-ring seal from the starting motor housing, if necessary.

    Illustration 6 g00810242

  1. Remove bushing (10) from the rear housing, if necessary.

    Illustration 7 g00810245

  1. Lift each brush spring (12) and put the spring on the left side of the brush (14). Disconnect three leads (11) and remove brush holder (13) .
  1. Remove brushes (14) from the brush holder.

    Illustration 8 g00810249

  1. Remove six bolts (16) and pinion drive housing (15) .

    Illustration 9 g00810257

  1. Remove bushing (17) from the pinion drive housing, if necessary.

    Illustration 10 g00810266