26SI Series Alternator – Starting Motor – Disassemble – 42-MT

Disassemble the Starting Motor

Note: The disassembly and assembly that follows is of the 24 volt starting motor. The 12 volt is similar.

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Quantity    
A     1P-1855     Retaining Ring Pliers     1    
B     1P-0510     Driver Gp     1    

    Illustration 1 g00810559

  1. Disconnect wire assembly (4) from solenoid (1). Disconnect motor terminal connector (3) from the starting motor housing.
  1. Remove three bolts (2) from the shift lever housing. Do not disassemble the solenoid. The parts inside the solenoid are not serviceable.

    Illustration 2 g00818016

  1. Remove the O-ring seal and bushing (5) .

    Illustration 3 g00810580

  1. Remove the nut (6). Remove the solenoid from the shift lever housing.

    Illustration 4 g00810574

  1. Remove the negative terminal nuts “-“, wire assembly (2), and washers. Remove six bolts (8) and rear housing (7) .

    Illustration 5 g00818558

  1. If necessary, remove bushing (9) from the rear housing.

    Illustration 6 g00810576

  1. Remove washer (12) from the armature shaft. Lift brush springs (10) and pull the brushes away from the commutator. Position the brush springs (10) on the side of the brushes in order to hold the brushes in the holders.
  1. Disconnect field winding leads (13) from brush holder (11). Remove the brush holder.

    Illustration 7 g00818538

  1. Remove brushes (15) and negative “-” terminal (14) from the brush holders.

    Illustration 8 g00810579

  1. Scribe a line on the pinion drive, the shift lever and the starting motor housings for the correct alignment at assembly.
  1. Remove six bolts (17) and pinion drive housing (16) .

    Illustration 9 g00810582

  1. Remove retainer (18) with tool (A). Remove shift lever pin (20). If necessary, remove the O-ring seals from the shift lever pin.
  1. Remove pinion drive (19) and the shift lever.

    Illustration 10 g00810585

  1. Remove the brake disc from the armature shaft. Remove five bolts (22), shift lever housing (21) and the washer. If necessary, remove the outside O-ring seals.
  1. If necessary, remove the seal and the bushing from the shift lever housing.