3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Timing Gear Cover

Remove & Install Timing Gear Cover

Start By:

a. remove fan drive

b. remove oil pan

c. remove engine front support

1. Remove cover (1) from timing gear cover (2).


Do not turn the crankshaft or camshaft with camshaft gear (4) removed. Damage can be caused to the pistons and valves, or both.

2. Disconnect the wire and remove timing sensor (5).

3. Remove one bolt (3) and install a guide bolt (Tool A) as shown. Remove the remaining six bolts (3).

4. Use an eyebolt (Tool B) and a strap to attach a hoist to gear (4). Remove gear (4).

5. Remove the washer and nut (6) from air compressor (7).

Air compressor is shown removed for photographic purposes only.

6. Remove the washers and bolts (10) from the back of plate (9) and timing gear cover (2).

7. Remove the washers and bolts (11), nut (12) and nut (13) from the front of timing gear cover (2).

8. Remove timing gear cover (2) from gasket (14) and plate (9).

9. Remove gasket (14).

10. Remove crankshaft front wear sleeve (15).

11. Remove crankshaft front seal (16) from timing gear cover (2).

NOTE: Use the following steps to install the timing gear cover.


Make sure all contacting surfaces of timing gear cover (2), gasket (14) and plate (9) are clean and free of any oil, paint, burrs or debris.

12. Put a new gasket (14) in position on plate (9).

13. Install timing gear cover (2) over the two dowel pins in the cylinder block.

14. Reverse the procedures and Step 1 through Step 7 to secure timing gear cover (2) to the engine and plate (9).


The crankshaft front seal and wear sleeve come as a set and must be installed as a set. If a replacement of the seal is to be made, a replacement of the wear sleeve must also be made.

15. Install a new crankshaft front wear sleeve (14) and seal (15). Refer to this module for further information.

End By:

a. install engine front support

b. install oil pan

c. install fan drive