3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Cylinder Liner

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The following steps are for installing the cylinder liner into the cylinder block.

  1. Apply 5P-3975 Rubber Lubricant on the surfaces of the cylinder liner bore. Apply 5P-3975 Rubber Lubricant on the rubber seals on the lower part of the cylinder liner.
  1. Put the filler band completely in clean engine oil for a moment.
  1. Install filler band (1) in the groove under the liner flange without delay.
  1. Install the liner in the bore immediately, before the filler band expands.

(A) Bore in new liner … 137.185 ± 0.025 mm (5.4010 ± 0.0010 inch)

(B) Thickness of flange on liner … 8.890 ± 0.020 mm (0.3500 ± 0.0008 inch)

The minimum thickness of the part that can be used again is the following value. … 8.870 mm (0.3492 inch)

(1) Filler band

Note: Refer to Guideline For Reusable Parts, SEBF8068, “Cylinder Liners” for more information. Also, refer to Testing and Adjusting, “Cylinder Liner – Projection” for the procedure for inspecting the projection of the cylinder liners.