3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Crankshaft Rear Seal & Wear Sleeve

Remove Crankshaft Rear Seal & Wear Sleeve

Start By:

a. remove flywheel

NOTE: The crankshaft rear seal and wear sleeve come as a set and must be installed as a set. If a replacement of the seal is to be made, a replacement of the wear sleeve must also be made.

1. Make at least three holes in seal (1) with a hammer and a sharp punch.

2. Use Tool (A) to remove seal (1).

3. Install Tool (C) in the seal bore.

4. Install Tool (B) between Tool (C) and wear sleeve (2). Turn Tool (B) until the tool makes a dent (crease) in wear sleeve (2). Do this in three or more places until the wear sleeve is loose.

5. Remove Tools (B) and (C), and remove wear sleeve (2) from the crankshaft.

Install Crankshaft Rear Seal & Wear Sleeve


The crankshaft seal and wear sleeve come as a set and must not be separated from each other at any time. Carefully read Special Instruction, SMHS8508, that is included with each seal and wear sleeve before any handling of the seal group is made.

1. Install the rear crankshaft seal and wear sleeve with Tooling (D). Use the procedures which follow:

a. Clean and make a preparation of the wear sleeve inside diameter and crankshaft outside diameter with 4C-9500 Quick Cure Primer. Make an application of 4C-9507 Retaining Compound to the crankshaft outside diameter before the wear sleeve is installed on the crankshaft. Do not let any 4C-9500 Quick Cure Primer or 4C-9507 Retaining Compound get on the lip of the seal.

b. Install locator (3) and the bolts on crankshaft (4).

c. The seal and wear sleeve must be installed dry. Make sure the seal is installed with the part number and the arrows showing crankshaft rotation toward the outside.


The front and rear seals and wear sleeves have different spiral grooves in the seal. Because of this type of design, the rear seal group for an engine is different from the front seal group. If a seal group is installed on the wrong side of the engine, oil can actually be taken out of the engine instead of moving the oil back into the engine.

d. Put wear sleeve (2) and seal (7) as a unit in position on locator (3).

e. Put installer (5) in position on locator (3).

f. Put clean engine oil on the face of nut (6) and its contact area on installer (5). Install nut (6) on locator (3).

g. Tighten nut (6) until installer (5) makes contact with locator (3).

h. Remove Tooling (D) from the crankshaft seal and wear sleeve. Tooling (D) will install the seal and wear sleeve to the correct depth on the crankshaft.

End By:

a. install flywheel