26SI Series Alternator – Hardware Configuration

ECM Configuration

The PL1000E Communication Electronic Control Module (ECM) requires configuration before the PCL file can be loaded. The PL1000E requires configuration before the modbus ports will function. This section contains information about all of the configuration parameters for the PL1000E.

The PL1000E is configured either by Caterpillar Communciation Tool Kit or by Cat ET for the first time. After the first setup, the embedded web pages may be used in order to change the configuration. In order to access the PL1000E configuration the first time, the “Embedded Communication” adapter or a Caterpillar Communication Adapter II must be used.

For more information about configuration parameters for the PL1000E ECM, please refer to System Operation Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjusting, RENR8091, “Internet Protocol Configuration, Modbus Configuration, and Data Link Configuration”.