Remove Flywheel Housing

start by:

a) remove starter

b) remove flywheel

1. Loosen the bolts that hold the oil pan to the cylinder block. Remove the bolts that hold the oil pan to the flywheel housing. Fasten tooling (A) and a hoist to the rear of the engine. Lift the rear of the engine and install shims on each side of the cylinder block.

2. Remove the bolts (2) that hold the flywheel housing in place. Remove flywheel housing (1).

Install Flywheel Housing

1. Clean the contact surfaces of the flywheel housing and cylinder block. Install a new gasket.

2. Put oil on the lip of the rear seal. Put flywheel housing in position and install the bolts.

3. Cut the gasket so it is even with the bottom of the block and flywheel housing. Remove the shims from each side of the block and tighten the bolts for the oil pan. Install remainder of bolts in oil pan.

end by:

a) install flywheel

b) install starter