Remove Flywheel

1. Fasten tool (A) and a hoist to flywheel (2).

2. Remove bolts (1) that hold the flywheel. Remove the flywheel. The weight of the flywheel is 60 lb. (31 kg).

Install Flywheel

1. Install tooling (A) on the flywheel. Fasten a hoist and put flywheel (1) in position on the crankshaft. Make sure the marks on the flywheel and crankshaft are in alignment.

2. Put 8H5137 Gasket Sealer on the bolt threads and install the bolts. Tighten the bolts to a torque of 55 ± 5 lb. ft. (75 ± 7 N·m).

NOTE: Make sure the correct sealant is put on the bolt threads. The holes for the bolts in the crankshaft flange are drilled through so the holes are open to the oil in the engine. Leakage along the bolt threads can be the result if the correct sealant is not used.


When a new flywheel is installed, check the thickness of the new flywheel at the bolt holes in relation to the thickness of the old flywheel. Install the correct length bolts so they will be fully engaged in the crankshaft flange. Bolts that are too long will make contact with the block on the back side of the crankshaft flange and pull the crankshaft back. This will cause the crankshaft thrust bearing to fail.