3100 HEUI Truck Engine Features of Cat ID

The Cat ID can display a variety of engine and vehicle information, as described in this section. For detailed operating information see the Operation Section of this manual. It is recommended the driver review the available information as listed in this manual or the Cat ID Screen Map and select, before driving, the most important information for the trip. This will avoid unnecessary distractions while driving in traffic.

Engine Operating Information

The Cat ID provides information on cruise control set speed, PTO engine rpm set speed, fuel temperature to the engine, boost and oil pressure, coolant temperature, and intake manifold temperature.

Vehicle Trip Information

The Cat ID provides information on fuel economy, fuel used, average vehicle speed, idle and PTO time, percent idle time, idle fuel, and PTO fuel. All of the these parameters can be tied to trip segments or the engine history. A Driver Trip Segment is available for 3176B, C-10, C-12, 3406E, C-15, and C-16 Engines only. A Fleet Trip Segment is available for 3176B, C-10, C-12, 3406E, C-15, and C-16 Engines and 3100 HEUI (3116 and 3126) Engines. For the Driver Trip Segment, the driver determines the start and stop points, and for the Fleet Trip Segment the vehicle owner determines the start and stop points. The Fleet Trip Segment can be tied to each state the vehicle operates in, as well as split between two Driver ID’s.

Maintenance Information

The last oil and filter change can be entered, allowing the display to indicate when the next oil and filter change is due.

Diagnostic Data

The Cat ID provides diagnostic codes, with both a number, and a brief text explanation. Those codes, indicating a potentially serious engine problem, are displayed automatically by Cat ID. When one of these codes appears, the driver should bring the vehicle to a stop (off the road and out of traffic), because the engine may shutdown within 20 seconds. Refer to Automatically Displayed Diagnostic Codes in the Operation Section, Display Screen Diagnostic Data for a list of these codes.

Theft Deterrent

The Cat ID provides the capability to allow or prevent engine starting, or shut the engine down by entering a four character password into the display when the engine is at idle.

Fuel Correction Adjustment

The Cat ID provides the capability to adjust the Fuel Correction Factor of the ECM.

Display Configuration

The display can provide information in either English/Spanish or English/French. Units of measure can be displayed in English (mph, U.S. gallons, psi, °F), English-Imperial Gallons (mph, Imperial gallons, psi, °F), or Metric (kph, liters, kPa, °C). The English/French EEPROM as well as the French or Spanish manuals can be ordered by contacting your local Caterpillar Dealer.

Driver Entry

The Cat ID provides the capability to enter Driver ID’s. This allows the ECM to log information for multiple drivers. This is useful in a slip-seat driving application.

State Crossing

The Cat ID allows the user to enter what state they are currently driving in. This allows the ECM to log separate driving records for each state.

Access to Parameters

Access to the available parameters requires an electronic engine to be connected to the SAE J1587 ATA Data Link. The availability of parameters depends upon the engine manufacturer, model year of engine, and ECM Customer Programmable Parameter settings.

NOTE: For electronic engines not manufactured by Caterpillar, limited instantaneous and diagnostic data will be available. Also, Cat ID will only support 3116 and 3126 HEUI Engines that are September 1996 model year or newer.

Display Functions

Home Keys Function

Simultaneously pressing the two center (Down and Up) arrow keys at anytime during operation will cause the display screen to return to the INSTANTANEOUS DATA title screen in column 1.

Dimming the Display

If the display is connected to the vehicle’s lighting circuit, the display will automatically dim when the head lamps are turned ON. To manually adjust the display dimmer with or without connection to the vehicle lighting circuit:

1. Press the two right arrow keys (Up and Right) and hold them down. The display will slowly cycle from full brightness to full dim and back again.

2. Release the keys when the desired brightness is indicated. When first powered up, the display is at full brightness or automatic dim if connected to the vehicle lighting circuit.

NOTE: The automatic dim feature will not function if the display has been placed in a manual dim mode. To reactivate the automatic dim feature, turn the power to the display OFF and then turn it back ON.

Front View of Cat ID Display
(1) Home keys. (2) Display dimming keys.

Additional Features

* The Cat ID can be mounted either in-dash or on-dash.
* Allows an inside view of engine’s operation. The display provides information to the driver from the engine Electronic Control Module (ECM) through the SAE J1587 ATA Data Link.
* Has a two line — 16 characters per line display with vacuum fluorescent display for easy viewing.

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