C7 Industrial Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual – Lubricating Grease

Caterpillar provides a range of moderate greases to extremely high performance greases in order to service the entire line of Caterpillar products that operate throughout the wide variety of climates. From this variety of Caterpillar grease products, you will find at least one of the Caterpillar greases that will meet the performance requirements for any machine or equipment application.

Before selecting a grease product for any application, the performance requirements must be determined. Consult the grease recommendations that are made by the OEM for the equipment when the equipment is operated in the expected conditions. Then, consult with your Caterpillar dealer for a list of greases and the following related characteristics.


  • Performance specifications 
  • Available sizes of containers 
  • Part numbers 

Always choose a grease that meets the recommendations that are specified by the equipment manufacturer for the application.

If it is necessary to choose a single grease to use for all of the equipment at one site, always choose a grease that meets the requirements of the most demanding application. Products that meet the minimum performance requirements can be expected to produce minimum parts’ life. Instead, use the grease that yields the lowest total operating cost. This cost is based on an analysis that includes the costs of parts, labor, and downtime. Also, include the cost of the amount of grease that is actually used.

Note: Consult your supplier in order to determine if the greases are compatible.

If the technician is in doubt, purge the grease!

Note: All Caterpillar brand name greases are compatible with each other.

Note: Refer to Special Publication, SEBU6251, “Caterpillar Commercial Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations” for additional information that relates to lubrication for your engine.

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