C7 Industrial Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual – Fuel

Distillate Diesel Fuel

In North America, diesel fuel that is identified as No. 1-D or No. 2-D in “ASTM D975” generally meet the specifications. Caterpillar recommends diesel fuels that are distilled from crude oil. Diesel fuels from other sources could exhibit detrimental properties that are not defined or controlled by this specification.


Operating with fuels that do not meet Caterpillar’s recommendations can cause the following effects: starting difficulty, poor combustion, deposits in the fuel injectors, reduced service life of the fuel system, deposits in the combustion chamber and reduced service life of the engine.

Note: Refer to Special Publication, SEBU6251, “Caterpillar Commercial Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations” for the Caterpillar Specification for distillate fuel and for additional information that relates to fuel for your engine.

Refill Capacities (Fuel System)

Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual that is provided by the OEM for capacities of the fuel system.

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