C-10, C-12, C-15 and C-16 Industrial Engines – CID 0006 FMI 11 Cylinder #6 Injector fault

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

The Electronic Control Module (ECM) is attempting to operate the injector. The ECM detects an open circuit or a short circuit in the circuit for the injector.

If the cause of the diagnostic code is a problem in the common wire, two cylinders will be affected because of the shared common wire for the injectors.

System Response:

The ECM will log the diagnostic code. The ECM will continue to attempt to operate the injector after the code has been logged.

The injector may not operate while the condition exists.

  • Engine misfires

  • Low power

Test Step 1. Perform the following diagnostic procedure: Injector Solenoid Circuit – Test


  • OK – STOP