3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Water Pump

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Table 1
Specification for the 174-5986 Water Pump Gp , 161-0969 Water Pump Gp , and 100-9347 Water Pump Gp    
Item     Qty     Part     Specification Description    
1     1     9M-3786 O-Ring Seal     Lubricate the bore of the O-ring seal lightly with 5P-3975 Rubber Lubricant .    
2     1     0S-1591 Bolt     Torque to 39 ± 3 N·m (29 ± 2 lb ft).    
3     1     349-2654 Water Pump Seal     With an installation tool, press the water pump seal onto the water pump shaft until the stationary cup is fully seated inside the pump housing.    
4     1     153-1256 Lip Type Seal     By using an installation tool, install the lip type seal with the primary lip toward water pump drive gear. Press the lip type seal with a press until the lip type seal is flush with the face inside the housing. Do not install the lip type seal by hand.    
A     1     135-4928 Water Pump Shaft     Diameter of the water pump shaft at the carbon seal assembly seat area is
19.100 ± 0.010 mm (0.7520 ± 0.0004 inch).