3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Injector Sleeves

Remove & Install Injector Sleeves

*Part of 9U-6891 Sleeve Tool Group

Start By:

a. remove rocker arm and shaft assemblies

b. remove electronic unit injectors

1. Mark bridge assemblies (1) for purpose of reassembly. Remove two bridge assemblies (1).

2. Install the puller stud from Tooling (A) into injector sleeve (2) as shown.

3. Install the bridge, thrust bearing, washer and nut from Tooling (A), over the stud (Step 2) as shown.

4. Tighten the nut on the Tooling (A) until sleeve (2) is pulled free of the cylinder head.

5. Remove the tooling from sleeve (2).

6. Remove the O-ring seals from injector sleeve (2). Check the condition of injector sleeve (2). Use a new part for replacement if needed.

7. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 for the remaining injector sleeves.

NOTE: Use the following steps to install the injector sleeves.


Before starting installation make sure the injector sleeve and the cylinder head bore for the injector sleeve are completely clean and free of oil, dirt and sealant debris.

8. Use Tooling (B) to thoroughly clean the bore for injector sleeve (2).

NOTE: Make sure the fuel passage in the head is clean and remove any debris from the use of Tool (B) (brushing process).

9. Install new O-ring seals on injection sleeve (2).

10. Install the stud from Tooling (A) into the threads of injector (2).

NOTE: Do not apply retaining and anti-seize compounds to the cylinder head surfaces. Put the compounds on the injector sleeve only, described as follows.

11. Do the following to apply retaining and anti-seize compounds to the contacting surfaces of injector sleeve (2):

a. Put 5P-3931 Anti-Seize Compound on the O-ring seals and surface Marked “X” on injector sleeve (2) as shown in the illustration.

b. Put 4C-9507 Retaining Compound on the surface marked “Y” on injector sleeve (2) as shown in the illustration.

12. Position Tool (A) and injector sleeve (2) into the cylinder head. Use care not to damage the O-ring seals on sleeve (2). Use hand force only to push the injector sleeve into the cylinder head assembly.


Make sure the injector sleeve is properly seated in the cylinder head. Use a hammer and Tooling (C) to seat the injector sleeve. The tooling and sleeve will “RING” when the sleeve makes contact at the base of the bore and is completely seated.

13. After injector sleeve (2) is positioned completely into the cylinder head by hand, use Tool (C) and a hammer to seat injector sleeve (2).

14. Use a clean towel to remove any retaining or anti-seize compound from the bores of the cylinder and injector sleeve (2).

End By:

a. install electronic unit injectors

b. install rocker arm and shaft assemblies