3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Fan Drive Assembly

Remove & Install Fan Drive Assembly

1. Loosen two bolts (2) and two nuts (5). Back out bolt (1) until it is clear of adapter (4). Remove the fan drive belts (not shown).

2. Remove bolts and washers (2) and nuts and washers (5) that hold the fan drive assembly in place. Remove fan drive assembly (3).

NOTE: The following steps are for installation of the fan drive assembly.

3. Put fan drive assembly (3) in position on the timing gear cover.

4. Install bolts and washers (2) and nuts and washers (5) loosely.

NOTE: Make a replacement of the belts as a set only.

5. Install the fan belts. Install bolt (1). Make an adjustment to the belt tension with Tool (A). Measure the belt farthest away from the engine. Tighten new belts to a gauge indication of 120 ± 5. After the engine is operated at high idle for a minimum of 30 minutes, make another adjustment to the belt tension. The correct tension for used belts is a gauge indication of 90 ± 10.

6. Tighten bolts (2) and nuts (5) that hold the fan drive assembly in place.

Disassemble & Assemble Fan Drive Assembly

Start By:

a. remove fan drive assembly

1. Remove six bolts (1) that hold fan adapter (3) to fan drive pulley (2).

2. Remove fan adapter (3) from the pulley.

3. Remove two bolts (4) and retaining washer (5).

4. Remove O-ring seal (6).

5. Remove hub assembly (7) from the fan drive assembly.

6. Remove bearing (8), spacer (9) and bearing (10) from hub assembly (7).

7. Remove lip-type seal (11) from hub assembly (7).

8. Remove pulley (2) from fan bracket assembly (12).

9. Remove spacer (13) from fan bracket assembly (12).

NOTE: The following steps are for the assembly of the fan drive assembly.

10. Install spacer (13) on fan bracket assembly (12).

11. Install pulley (2) on fan bracket assembly (12).

12. Use Tool (A) to install lip-type seal (11) into hub assembly (7). Lubricate the sealing lip of lip-type seal (11) with 1P-0808 Grease.

13. Install bearing (8), spacer (9) and bearing (10) into hub assembly (7).

14. Install hub assembly (7) as shown.

15. Install O-ring seal (6).

16. Install retaining washer (5) and two bolts (4).

17. Put fan adapter (3) in position on pulley (2) and install six bolts (1).

18. Fill the fan drive assembly at the grease fitting with 1P-0808 Grease.

End By:

a. install fan drive assembly