3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines – Camshaft

Remove & Install Camshaft

Start By:

a. rocker arm and shaft assemblies

b. remove fan drive

NOTE: When removing cover (1) from the timing gear cover, remove the Allen head screw first. The ten bolts holding the cover will keep pressure on the gasket, which will allow the Allen head screw to be removed more easily. After the Allen head screw has been removed, remove the remaining ten bolts from cover (1).

1. Remove cover (1) from the timing gear cover.

2. Remove bolts (3) and cover (2) from the flywheel housing.

3. Remove plug (4).


For additional information on positioning the crankshaft and camshaft at the compression stroke for No. 1 cylinder (TC), refer to Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Module.

4. Put the camshaft and crankshaft in the compression stroke position (TC) for the No. 1 piston as follows:

a. Insert the longer bolt (3) [from cover 2] into the hole for plug (4).

b. Push bolt (3) against the flywheel. Use a ratchet and Tooling (A) to turn the engine and flywheel (in the direction of engine rotation) until bolt (3) seats into the hole in the flywheel.

c. Make sure the mark on timing gear (5) and casting rib “X” on timing gear cover (6) are in alignment.


Do not turn the crankshaft or camshaft while camshaft timing gear (5) is removed whenever the rocker shaft assemblies are installed. Damage can be caused to the pistons and valves, or both.

5. Disconnect the wire and remove timing sensor (7).

6. Remove one bolt (8) and install a guide bolt (Tool B) as shown.

7. Remove the remaining six bolts (8). Use Tool (C) and a strap to attach a hoist to timing gear (5). Remove timing gear (5).

8. Remove three bolts (9) and thrust plate (10).

9. Remove the camshaft and adapter plate (11).

10. Remove adapter plate (11) from the camshaft.


Care must be used when removing the camshaft to not damage the highly finished surfaces of both the camshaft and camshaft bearings. Use the following steps and the recommended tooling to avoid damage to the engine and components.

11. Use the rocker arm shaft assembly bolts to install Tooling (D) into the bolt holes marked “Y” as shown.

12. Install Tool (E) on timing gear cover (6) as shown. Do not tighten the bolts for Tooling (E) at this time.


It is necessary to install two pilots (Tool F) on the camshaft. Tool (F) will support the rear of camshaft (12) as the camshaft is moved out of the cylinder head and into Tool (E).

13. Move the cam far enough forward to install one Tool (F) into the threaded hole in the end diameter of camshaft (12). Again, move the camshaft forward. Install the remaining Tool (F) into the back of first Tool (F).

14. Start camshaft (12) into the bore of Tool (E). Snug the bolts holding Tool (E) to timing gear cover (6).


When using Tool (G) avoid lifting the camshaft. The camshaft should rest on Tooling (D). Lifting of the camshaft can cause misalignment as the camshaft is removed, resulting in damage to the camshaft bearings.

15. Remove camshaft (12) as follows:

a. Use Tool (G) as shown to move camshaft (12) toward the front of the engine. Reposition Tool (G) [camshaft lifting hooks] as needed to avoid interference with the cylinder head casting.

b. Move camshaft (12) far enough out of the cylinder head to attach a hoist and strap.

c. Keep the camshaft level while removing it from the cylinder head. The camshaft weighs 39 kg (85 lb).

NOTE: The following steps are for installing the camshaft.

16. Be sure the camshaft and camshaft bearings are thoroughly clean. Put clean engine oil on the lobes and journals of the camshaft. Put a thin coat of clean engine oil on the camshaft bearings.

17. Install Tool (E) on the front of timing gear cover (6). Do not tighten the bolts holding Tool (E).

18. Install Tool (D).

19. Use Tool (H) to align Tool (E) with the camshaft bearings. Snug the bolts holding Tool (E) to the timing gear cover. Remove Tool (H). Tool (H) should move freely from the bore of Tool (E).

NOTE: Rotating the camshaft in both directions while installing it into the camshaft bearings will help prevent binding.

20. Use a hoist to position camshaft (12) into the cylinder head. Move camshaft (12) into the head as far as the strap and hoist will allow.


Tooling (F) must be removed before to camshaft can be completely seated in the cylinder head.

21. Remove the strap and hoist. Rotate the camshaft while moving the camshaft into the bore. Use care not to let the end of the camshaft and Tooling (F) drop. Use Tool (G) to assist in aligning camshaft (12) with the camshaft bearings if necessary.

22. Remove Tool (F) and push camshaft (12) the remaining distance into the bore.

23. Remove Tooling (D) and (E).

24. Install adapter plate (11) and thrust plate (10).

25. Install Tool (B) into the camshaft and adapter plate (11).


Camshaft timing is very important. When installing the camshaft assembly, be sure the timing marks on the camshaft gear and the timing gear cover are aligned when number one cylinder is at top center (TC).

26. Use Tool (C) and a strap to position timing gear (5) on adapter plate (11). Align the hole in timing gear (5) with the dowel pin on adapter plate (11). If the timing mark on timing gear (5) does not align with the casting rib (X) on timing gear cover (6), remove the timing gear and rotate the camshaft until the timing gear can be installed with the marks aligned.

27. Remove Tool (B) and install bolts (8).

28. Install timing sensor (7).

29. Install cover (1).

30. Remove bolt (3) from the flywheel. Install cover (2) and plug (4)

End By:

a. install fan drive

b. install rocker arm and shaft assemblies