3176C, 3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines Troubleshooting – Wiring Information

The wiring schematics are revised periodically. The wiring schematics will change as updates are made to the engine’s harness. For the most current information, always check the revision number of the schematic. Use the schematic with the latest revision number.

Harness Wire Identification

Caterpillar identifies all wires with eleven solid colors. The circuit number is stamped on the wire at a 25 mm (1 inch) spacing. Table 2 lists the wire colors and the color codes.

Table 1
Color Codes for the Harness Wire
Color Code Color Color Code Color
BK Black GN Green
BR Brown BU Blue
RD Red PU Purple
OR Orange GY Gray
YL Yellow WH White
PK Pink

For example, a wire identification of A701-GY on the schematic would signify a gray wire with the circuit number A701.

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