26SI Series Alternator – General Information

The PL1000E Communication Module is an “Electronic Control Module” (ECM). The PL1000E Communication Module provides the processing power, memory, and software in order to integrate Caterpillar engine data in to multiple applications. The PL1000E Communication Module has the potential to be upgraded for future applications.

The PL1000E can be used in comparable applications as the older “Customer Communications Modules” (CCM).

The PL1000E Communication Module will provide a user with the ability to configure parameter translations. That is, Caterpillar proprietary communications protocol, Cat DataLink can be translated to a Modbus interface, or from the industry standard J1939 communications protocol (including Caterpillar proprietary messaging) to a Modbus interface. The PL1000E Modbus Interface was designed based on the “Modbus Application Protocol Specification V1.1a” requirements. All refereces in this document to the “standard Modbus protocol” will be assumed to use the “Modbus Application Protocol Specification V1.1a”. Modbus can be communicated with the use of RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (4 wire and 2 wire), and “Transmission Control Protocol” (TCP)/Ethernet.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, the information in this document is intended for the PL1000E configured as a Modbus “Slave”.

The configuration for the PL1000E is contained in a “Parameter Configuration List” (PCL) file. The PCL is stored in the embedded file system on the ECM. The PCL file informs the PL1000E about :

  • which ECMs are in the system

  • what parameters from each to make available (translate) to the others,

  • which protocol to use

  • which serial port(s) each ECM is using

  • defines the destination register assignments for CDL parameters

The destination register assignments for CDL parameters are assigned through the Parameter Translation Editor in Caterpillar Tool Kit or Cat ET version 2007B or higher.

The PCL file informs the PL1000E what information to translate. The PCL file informs the PL1000E which protocol to output these translations on.

The PCL files are created and the PCL files are modified with the use of the “Parameter Translation Editor ” (PTE). The PTE is found under the “Utilities” menu in “Caterpillar Communications Tool Kit” or Cat ET version 2007B or higher.