3208 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE – Turbocharger

Remove Turbocharger

1. Loosen hose clamps (1) on the inlet manifold.

2. Loosen clamps (2) and slide them back on tubes (3).

3. Remove two bolts (5) and then remove the turbocharger (4) from the engine block and inlet manifold.

4. Remove the two O-ring seals (6) from the engine block.

Install Turbocharger

1. Inspect all O-ring seals for wear or damage. Put a small amount of oil on the O-ring seals.

2. Put O-ring seals (1) in position in the engine block.

3. Put turbocharger (2) in position on the engine block and install the two bolts (4) that hold it.

4. Tighten hose clamps (3) on the inlet manifold.

5. Put clamps (5) in position and tighten them.