Remove Camshaft & Gears

Start By:

a. remove timing gear cover and oil pump

b. remove valve lifters

c. remove turbocharger

1. Remove the plug from the fuel injection pump housing, and install timing pin [Tool (A)].

2. While the crankshaft is turned clockwise (as seen from the front of the engine), push on Tool (A) until it slides into the groove (slot) in the fuel injection pump camshaft.

3. Remove tachometer drive adapter shaft (1).

4. Install Tooling (B) into the camshaft drive gear for the fuel injection pump. Turn both bolts evenly until the drive gear is free of the shaft. Remove Tooling (B).

5. Remove thrust pin (2) that holds the camshaft in place from the rear of the cylinder block.

6. Remove camshaft (3) and gears from the cylinder block as a unit. Be careful not to cause damage to the camshaft bearing or camshaft lobes.

NOTE: The camshaft gear can be removed from the camshaft if a replacement is necessary.

Install Camshaft & Gears

1. Install the camshaft gear on the camshaft if it was removed. Heat the gear to a maximum temperature of 315°C (600°F). Put the gear in position on the camshaft. Put 8T-2998 Camshaft Lubricanton the camshaft lobes. Install camshaft (1) and the gears as a unit. With the No. 1 cylinder at top center, align the timing marks on the crankshaft gear and the camshaft gear.

2. Install the thrust pin. Tighten the thrust pin to a torque of 48 ± 7 N·m (35 ± 5 lb ft).

3. Put gear (3) in position, and install tachometer drive adapter shaft (2). Tighten the shaft to a torque of 149 ± 14 N·m (110 ± 10 lb ft).

4. After the valve lifters and timing gear cover have been installed, check the timing as follows:

a. Remove timing pin [Tool (A)].

b. Turn the crankshaft clockwise as seen from the front of the engine approximately 180 degrees(1/2 turn). Install timing pin [Tool (A)] again.

c. While turning the crankshaft clockwise, push on timing pin [Tool (A)] until it slides into the groove (slot) in the fuel injection pump camshaft.

d. Remove the plug from the timing hole in the front cover, and install a 1/2 -18 NC Bolt(4) 1/2 64 mm (2 in) Long. The cover bolt from hole (5) can be used. Check to make sure bolt (4) can be installed into the timing gear and is in the center of the timing hole. The camshaft for the fuel injection pump is now in correct time with the engine.

e. Remove the bolt, and install the plug. Remove the timing pin [Tool (A)], and install the plug.

NOTE: If the bolt cannot be installed in the hole of camshaft gear, the timing must be corrected as follows:

a. With the timing pin [Tool (A)] installed, remove the tachometer drive adapter housing and shaft.

b. Loosen the gear from the fuel injection pump camshaft. Turn the crankshaft clockwise approximately two full turns until bolt (4) can be installed. Install the bolt.

c. Install the tachometer drive adapter shaft, and tighten it to a torque of 149 ± 14 N·m (110 ± 10 lb ft). Install the adapter housing. Remove the bolt and the timing pin, and install the plugs.

End By:

a. install turbocharger

b. install valve lifters

c. install timing gear cover and oil pump