3208 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE – Air Inlet Manifold (Later)

Remove Air Inlet Manifold

start by:

a) remove turbocharger

1. Loosen clamps (1) and (2). Disconnect the hoses (3) from the manifold.

2. Remove seven bolts (6). Loosen one bolt (manifold has an opening [slot] in it for this bolt).

3. Disconnect fuel line (5).

4. Remove air inlet manifold (4) and its gaskets.

Install Air Inlet Manifold

1. Put the air inlet manifold (1) in position on cylinder block and install the seven bolts that hold the manifold in place. Tighten the one bolt (one in manifold slot).

2. Connect the fuel line (3) to the manifold.

3. Connect hoses (4) to the manifold and tighten clamps (2).

end by:

a) install turbocharger