3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Camshaft – Remove

Removal Procedure
Start By:

A.Remove the rocker arms and the pushrods. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Rocker Shaft and Pushrod – Remove”.
B.Remove the unit injector hydraulic pump. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump – Remove”.

1.Remove the front cover.

2.Turn the crankshaft to top center compression stroke for the No. 1 piston. Install the timing bolt in the flywheel. This is for timing during installation.

3.Ensure that the timing marks on camshaft drive gear (1), the idler gear, and the crankshaft gear are aligned.

4.Wire the valve lifters away from the camshaft.

5.Remove bolts (2) and camshaft retainer plate (3) .

6.Remove camshaft (4) from the cylinder block.

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