3100 HEUI Truck Engine Installation Inlet Air Elbow Assembly

(1) Air intake assembly.

(2) 100-8302 gasket.

NOTE: Remove any gasket maker that remains on the inlet air heater.

(3) Air intake plate.

(4) Wrapper end plates.

(5) Angle for the wrapper end plates (4) … 42 degrees

(6) Vertical length (from bolt hole centerline to the air intake tube (9) centerline) … 109 mm (4.3 in)

(7) Inlet air heater.

(8) Angle of air intake tube (9) from vertical … 10 degrees

(9) Air intake tube 8T9472.

(10) Air intake wrapper.

NOTE: The inlet air elbow assembly is similar to 6I4605. The only modification was to shorten the length of the elbow. The modified length is given above as call-out number six.

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