3100 HEUI Truck Engine Installation Air Cleaner Support

(1) Front Bracket.

(2) Support Plate. Bolt to the air cleaner mounting group (3).

(3) 4P3439 Air Cleaner Mounting Group. Attaches to the right hand side of the inlet air manifold.

(4) Rear Bracket.

Assembly procedure:

1. Fabricate the brackets (1 and 4) and support plate (2).

2. Weld the brackets (1 and 4) to the support plate (2).

3. Attach the support plate to the engine.

4. Attach the air cleaner assembly to the air cleaner support.

NOTE: The air cleaner support is available through General Motors (part number 15679383).

NOTE: A dimensioned illustration has been provided. Refer to Fabrication Drawings in this publication.

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