Accumulator Discharging and Charging Procedures


The information in this instruction will provide the instructions for discharging and charging accumulators. Accumulators on Caterpillar products contain one of several different charging valves. Before attempting to discharge any accumulator, determine which charging valve is on your accumulator and the correct procedure for discharging.


Identification of Charging Valves

Identification of the charging valve is critical for safe discharging of the accumulator. Charging valves on Caterpillar equipment include the following types:


Type 1

This type of valve is a standard Schrader valve. This valve is opened by depressing a spring-loaded core (1) with the charging chuck of the nitrogen charging equipment.


Type 2

This type of valve opens by turning a hex nut (2). The valve contains no core.


Type 3

This type of valve also opens by turning a hex nut (4). This valve also contains a spring loaded core (3), similar to the Schrader valve. Turning the nut and depressing the core are both necessary to open the valve.


Type 4

This type of valve is larger than the other three types and has 28 mm threads (5). This valve is opened by turning a screw (6) which is contained in the valve body.

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