New Fuel Nozzles Resist Adapter Cracking And Leaking

Caterpillar Machines Powered By 3304 And 3306 Machine Engines

Description of Change: New part numbers have been released for the fuel nozzles in these machine engines. The adapter portion of the fuel nozzle was changed back in November of 1998 in order to provide a stronger adapter. The stronger adapter is more resistant to cracking and leaking. The adapter portion of the fuel nozzle is the threaded piece that the fuel line attaches too. The part number changes were necessary in order to better facilitate parts replacement and reliability tracking.

Adaptable To: The chart identifies the new and former fuel nozzle part numbers.

The new fuel nozzle part numbers became effective with 3304 (07Z34711) and 3306 (6NC13156) Machine Engines. The former fuel nozzles have been canceled.

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