Later Pre-Chamber Cylinder Heads On Early 3304 Engines Without Drilled Rocker Stands Are Used

Publication Date -11/10/2012

Machine Engines:

On early pre-chamber cylinder heads that are used on 3304 engines, passages were not drilled into the cylinder head to supply engine oil to the valve train. The part number is 2P-6484 Cylinder Head Gp. This remanufactured head casting is no longer available.

A new rocker stand and rocker shaft must be used with 0R-2674 and 0R-2675 cylinder heads with drilled rocker lube holes. A 7N-8015 Bracket and a 8N-3312 Rocker Arm Shaft must be ordered along with the cylinder head. The combination of parts allows the engine valve train components to receive adequate lubrication.

View of non-drilled rocker stand and drilled head with uncovered oil supply passage

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