D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Cylinder Condition

3B7762 Tee3B7767 Nipple6K5875 Hose Assembly8M2744 Gauge1P5569 Tip7S8890 Adapter7S8895 Adapter8S2268 Tube Assembly9S7341 AdapterAir pressure regulator
Engine cylinder condition can be analyzed with controlled pressure air through the engine cylinder precombustion chamber. Special Instruction (GMG00694) explains the procedure.

Air escaping from the exhaust opening indicates exhaust valve leakage. Air escaping from the air inlet indicates inlet valve leakage. If air escapes from the crankcase breather during this test, it is an indication of piston, rings and/or liner faults.

1. Air regulator. 2. 6K6875 Hose Assembly and 7S8895 Adapter. 3. 8S2268 Tube Assembly and 9S7341 Adapter. 4. 8M2744 Gauge (0 to 100 psi). 5. 7S8890 Adapter. Parts not shown: 3B7762 Tee, 3B7767 Nipple, 1P5569 Tip.

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