EL-740 Air Compressor Troubleshooting

1. Air Compressor Fails To Maintain Sufficient Pressure Or Adequate Air.
2. Noisy Operation.
3. Air Compressor Passes Excessive Oil.
4. Air Compressor Not Unloading (excessive pressure).

Troubleshooting Problems

Problem 1: Air Compressor Fails To Maintain Sufficient Pressure Or Adequate Air

Possible Causes:

1. Dirty Inlet Cleaner.
2. Restriction In Air Compressor Cylinder Head Inlet, Discharge Cavities Or Line.
3. Leaking Or Broken Inlet Or Exhaust Valves.
4. Excessive Wear.
5. Drive Belt Slipping.
6. Excessive System Leakage Or Usage.
7. Defective Governor.
8. Worn Unloader Seals.
9. Governor Setting Incorrect.
10. Gauge Defective.

Problem 2: Noisy Operation

Possible Causes:

1. Loose Drive Pulley.
2. Restriction In Cylinder Head Or Discharge Line.
3. Worn Or Burned Out Bearings.
4. Air Compressor Not Receiving Proper Lubrication.
5. Excessive Wear.

Problem 3: Air Compressor Passes Excessive Oil

Possible Causes:

1. Excessive Wear.
2. Dirty Air Cleaner (improper air cleaner maintenance).
3. High Inlet Vacuum.
4. Small Or Restricted Oil Return Line Flooding Air Compressor.
5. Piston Rings Not Properly Installed.
6. Back Pressure From Engine Crankcase.
7. Inlet Pipe Restricted – Too Small Or Too Long.
8. Excessive Oil Pressure.

Problem 4: Air Compressor Not Unloading (excessive pressure)

Possible Causes:

1. Defective Unloader Pins Or Seals.
2. Defective Governor.
3. Reservoir Line To Governor Restricted.
4. Unloader Mechanism Binding Or Stuck.
5. Gauge Defective.

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