EL-740 Air Compressor Assembly Of Cylinder Head

1. Place the cylinder head, bottom side up in a soft-jawed vise.

2. Insert the exhaust valve cages into the exhaust cavities. (Use new parts, if necessary. Refer to the “Specifications” section.)

3. Place new exhaust valve springs on the exhaust valve cages.

4. Place new copper washers into the exhaust cavities.

5. Place new exhaust valve on the exhaust valve spring.

6. Assemble the exhaust valve seats. (Use new parts, if necessary. Refer to the “Specifications” section.)

7. Tighten the exhaust valve seats to a torque of 70 to 90 N·m (52 to 67 lb ft).

8. Place a new inlet valve over the pin on the inlet valve guard. (Replace the inlet valve guard, if damaged.) Place the valve and guard assembly into the inlet cavity of the cylinder head.

9. Prick-punch the valve guard into the cylinder head to keep the valve and guard assembly from falling out during installation of the cylinder head to the cylinder block.

NOTE: The inlet valve guard should not protrude more than 0.18 mm (.007 in) above the surface of the cylinder head.

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