C7 Industrial Engines Testing and Adjusting – Water Pump – Test

Table 1
Required Tools
Part Number Part Name Quantity
6V-7775 Air Pressure Gauge 1
8J-7844 Adapter Fitting 1
3K-0360 O-Ring Seal 1
5P-2725 Probe Seal Adapter 1
164-2192 Probe Adapter Gp  (1) 1
5P-4487 Adapter 1
5P-2720 Probe Adapter Gp 1
( 1 ) If port (1) is used, two tools are required.

Illustration 1 g01453107
Pressure test ports for the water pump (Typical example)

(1) Port (engine diagnosis)

(2) Port (alternate heater supply)

(3) Port (heater return line)

The pressure rise is the difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure. The pressure rise indicates if the water pump operates correctly. Port (1) and Port (2) represent the water pump outlet pressure. Port (3) represents the water pump inlet pressure.

To measure the pressure rise, compare inlet pressure with outlet pressure. Calculate the difference between the pressure of the inlet port and the outlet ports. The pressure rise must add up to a minimum of 80 kPa (12 psi) under both of the following conditions:


  • The engine is at operating temperature. 
  • The engine operates at full load condition.
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