C7 Industrial Engines Specifications – Connecting Rod


Note: Handle the fractured connecting rod with care. Use a soft jawed vise in order to hold the connecting rod while loosening the connecting rod cap bolts. Use a soft faced hammer in order to tap the connecting rod cap, if necessary.

Note: The connecting rod small end must be heated or cooled to achieve a difference of 80° to 90°C (176° to 194°F) before the installation of the piston pin bearing.

(A) Bore in the connecting rod for the piston pin bearing … 43.191 ± 0.013 mm (1.7004 ± 0.0005 inch)

(B) Bore in the piston pin bearing after installation of the bearing … 40.028 ± 0.008 mm (1.5759 ± 0.0003 inch)

(C) The bearing joint for the piston pin bearing must be positioned to the following angle above the centerline on either side. … 12 ± 5 degrees

(D) Distance for heating the connecting rod for the installation of the piston pin bearing … 75 ± 5 mm (3.0 ± 0.2 inch)

(E) Distance between the center of the connecting rod bores … 200 mm (7.9 inch)

(F) Bore in the connecting rod for the bearing for the crankshaft connecting rod journal … 75.000 ± 0.013 mm (2.9527 ± 0.0005 inch)

(G) Length of the bolts … 65.0 ± 0.5 mm (2.56 ± 0.02 inch)

Note: Use the following procedure to tighten the connecting rod bolts before measuring the crankshaft bore. Check the dimensions of the crankshaft bore only after the tightening procedure has been followed.


  1. Before installing the rod cap, clean the mating surfaces of the connecting rod with compressed air or a steel brush. Ensure that there are no loose particles that remain from the process that is used to fracture the rod.Note: Lubricate the seating faces of the rod cap bolts with 4C-5592 Anti-Seize Compound or clean engine oil before installing the bolts.


  1. Install new bolts (1) and torque the new bolts to 54 ± 7 N·m (40 ± 5 lb ft).


  1. Place an index mark on each connecting rod cap bolt and tighten each of the cap bolts for an additional 60 ± 5 degrees (1/6 of a turn).
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