C7 Industrial Engines Specifications – Air Inlet Heater

(1) Nut

Tighten the nut to the following torque. … 8 ± 1 N·m (70 ± 9 lb in)

Note: Do not switch the positive wire and the negative wire. Reverse polarity could result in a blown fuse.

Note: During assembly of the air inlet heater to the inlet manifold and the air inlet elbow, clean the air inlet heater’s joint faces with solvent. Apply 4C-9500 Quick Cure Primer to the joint faces. Allow the primer to air dry for a minimum of three to five minutes. Apply 1U-8846 Gasket Sealant to the joint face and spread the gasket maker uniformly. The heater must be assembled and tightened within ten minutes.

The 12 volt air inlet heater has the following functional requirements:


  • 11 VDC at 92 amperes 
  • 1012 watts 


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