C7 Engines Electronic Unit Injector Removal

Removal Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Description Qty
A 367-3070 Fuel Injector Installer and Removal Tooling 1
B 274-9198 Leg 2
C 1/2 inch drive breaker bar 1

Start By:

  1. Remove the valve mechanism cover. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Valve Mechanism Cover – Remove and Install”.

  1. Drain the coolant, oil, and fuel from the cylinder head. Remove the oil galley plug (1), fuel galley plug (2), and coolant line (3) .

  1. Disconnect harness assembly (4) .


  1. Remove socket head bolts (6) from unit injector (5), and remove rocker shaft bolt (7) .

  1. Install Tooling (A). Use Tooling (A) to remove unit Injector (5) .

Note: Do not use a wire brush on the tip of the unit injector. Damage to the unit injector will occur.

  1. Remove O-ring seal (10), O-ring seal (11), and O-ring seal (12) from unit injector (5) .


  1. Remove backup ring (8), backup ring (9), and backup ring (13) .

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