C7 Industrial Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual – Radiator Restrictions

Caterpillar discourages the use of airflow restriction devices that are mounted in front of radiators. Airflow restriction can cause the following conditions:


  • High exhaust temperatures 
  • Power loss 
  • Excessive fan usage 
  • Reduction in fuel economy 

If an airflow restriction device must be used, the device should have a permanent opening directly in line with the fan hub. The device must have a minimum opening dimension of at least 770 cm2 (120 in2).

A centered opening that is directly in line with the fan hub is specified in order to prevent an interrupted airflow on the fan blades. Interrupted airflow on the fan blades could cause a fan failure.

Caterpillar recommends a warning device for the inlet manifold temperature and/or the installation of an inlet air temperature gauge. The warning device for the inlet manifold temperature should be set at 75 °C (167 °F). The inlet manifold air temperature should not exceed 75 °C (167 °F). Temperatures that exceed this limit can cause power loss and potential engine damage.


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