C13, C15, and C18 Engines Troubleshooting – ARD Combustion Air Valve – Replace

This code will trip if the automated ARD Air Valve Calibration sweep exceeds the calibration limits AND a failed regeneration occurs. The ARD Air Valve calibration is automatically controlled. The calibration occurs after engine ECM powers up and calibration occurs again before a regeneration starts, during pending mode. Any Combustion Air Valve Controller (A5M8) faults will prevent the calibration cycle from occurring.

Table 1
Diagnostic Trouble Codes
J1939 Code CDL Code Code Description Comments
3487-13 2489-13 Aftertreatment #1 Air Pressure Control : Out of Calibration The automated ARD Air Valve Calibration sweep has exceeded the calibration limits AND a failed regeneration has occurred.
The code is logged.
Follow the troubleshooting procedure in order to identify the root cause of the problem.
Table 2
Troubleshooting Test Steps Values Results
1. Check for Active or Logged Codes

A. Establish communication between Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) and the aftertreatment ECM (A5).

B. Look for active or logged codes.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes Result: There are no active or logged codes.

Return the unit to service.

Result: A 3487-13 or 2489-13 code is still active or logged.

Proceed to Test Step 2.

2. Replace the ARD Air Valve

A. Replace the ARD air valve.

B. Clear all codes using Cat ET.

C. Perform an ARD Ignition Test using Cat ET.

The ARD Ignition Test cannot be performed if the DPF soot loading is above 80%. When the DPF soot loading is above 80%, the Manual DPF Regeneration must be performed using Cat ET.

Test Passed Result: The ARD Ignition Test passed.

Return the unit to service.

Result: The ARD Ignition Test failed.

Troubleshoot the active codes.

Complete the procedure in the order in which the steps are listed.

If the procedure did not correct the issue, Contact your Cat dealer Technical Communicator (TC). For further assistance, your TC can confer with the Dealer Solutions Network (DSN).


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