3176C, 3406E and 3456 Industrial Engines Troubleshooting – Valve Lash Is Excessive

Probable Causes



  • Inadequate lubrication 

Valve Train Components


  • Worn valve train components 

Valve Lash


  • Incorrect valve lash 

Recommended Actions

Inadequate Lubrication

Remove the valve mechanism covers. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly for removing the valve mechanism cover. Check the lubrication in the valve compartment. Ensure that there is adequate engine oil flow in the valve compartment. The passages for the engine oil must be clean.

Worn Valve Train Components


  1. Inspect the following components of the valve train: 
    • Rocker arms 
    • Pushrods 
    • Valve lifters 
    • Camshaft 
    • Valve stems 
    • Rocker shafts 


  1. Check the components for the following conditions: abnormal wear, excessive wear, straightness and cleanliness. Replace parts, if necessary.Note: If you replace the camshaft, you must also replace the valve lifters.

Incorrect Valve Lash

Check the engine valve lash. If necessary, adjust the engine valve lash. Refer to Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting for information on adjusting the engine valve lash.


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