3304 & 3306 Marine Engines Assemble Sea Water Pump

1. Install bearing on shaft. Install the snap ring that holds it.

2. Install seal in bearing housing with tool (A). The lip of the seal must face in direction of the bearing.

3. Put the shaft and bearing in position in the housing and install the snap ring (7).

4. Install the ceramic ring (11) and rubber seal (5) as follows:

a) Put water on the ceramic ring, rubber cup, and bore of the pump body.

b) Install the rubber seal in the pump body.

c) Install ceramic ring (finger pressure only) inside of the rubber cup with the shiny surface toward the impeller end of the pump body.

5. Install wear plate (3) in body. Install cam (1) in body and install the cam screw (2).

6. Install slinger (6) on shaft. Put the pump housing in position on the bearing housing and install the bolts that hold them together.

7. Install remainder of seal assembly as follows:

a) Put water on inside of seal assembly (4) and pump shaft.

b) Push the seal assembly (finger pressure only) on the shaft until shiny surface of carbon seal (10) makes contact with shiny surface of the ceramic ring (11).

8. Install the O-ring seal (9) on shaft. Install the impeller in pump with tool (B). Install cover (8) and screws.

end by:

a) install sea water pump

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