Disassemble Governor

Start By:

a. remove fuel injection pump housing and governor

1. Install the fuel injection pump housing on Tool (A) as shown.

2. Remove bolts (1) and governor housing (2) from the fuel injection pump housing.

3. Remove governor springs (3) and the seat from the governor housing.

4. Remove two bolts (4) from the lever. Remove shaft assembly (5), lever (6) and the two washers from the governor housing.

5. Remove O-ring seal (7) from the governor housing.

6. Remove seal (8) and bushing (9) from the governor housing.

7. Remove seat assembly (10) and spring (11) from the governor shaft.

8. Use Tool (B) to remove the snap ring from the spool on the seat assembly. Remove the retainer and piston (12) from the spool. Remove the spool and spring (13) from the seat.

9. Remove cover (14).

10. Remove shaft (15) and lever (16) from the housing. Remove the O-ring seal from shaft (15).

11. Remove cover (17).

12. Remove nut (18), bolt (19) and torque control group (20).

13. Remove shim (21), insulators (22) and contact (23) from the torque control bar.

14. Push lever (25) in, and remove pin (24).

15. Remove lockring (26) and lever (25) from the dowel.

16. Use Tool (C) to remove shield (27) from the camshaft.


Pull on the shield only a small amount in each location, so it will not distort or be damaged. The metal of the shield is moved (staked) around the camshaft, and the shield can be damaged when it is removed. If the shield has damage, use a new part for replacement.

17. Remove riser assembly (28) from the governor shaft.

18. Remove ring (32), one race (31), bearing (30) and the other race (29) from riser (28).

19. Install timing pin [Tool (D)] to hold the camshaft.

20. Remove bolts (33), and remove flyweight assembly (34) from the camshaft.

21. Remove shaft (35) from the flyweight carrier. Remove the dowel from the end of shaft (35).

22. Remove dowels (36) and flyweights (37) from the carrier.

Assemble Governor

NOTE: Put clean fuel on governor parts during assembly.

1. Put flyweights (2) in position on the carrier, and install dowels (1) to hold them in place.

2. Install the dowel in shaft (3). Install the shaft in the carrier.

3. Be sure dowel (4) in the shaft is engaged in the groove on the back of the carrier and that the dowel is in place when the carrier is installed on the camshaft.

4. Install timing pin [Tool (D)] to hold the camshaft.

5. Put flyweight assembly (5) in position on the camshaft, and install the bolts that hold it in place. Tighten the bolts to a torque of 10 ± 1 N·m (90 ± 9 lb in).

6. Install one race (6), bearing (9), the outer race (6) and ring (7) on riser (8).

7. Install riser (8) between the flyweights with the bearing in.

8. Put the shield in position over the flyweights. Use Tool (B) to install the shield the remainder of the way on to the camshaft. Move the metal (stake) at two places on the shield 180 ± 5 degrees apartto hold the shield on the camshaft.

9. Put lever (10) in position on the dowel, and install the lockring to hold it in place.

10. Install pin (11) as shown.

11. Install contact (13), insulators (14) and shim (12) on torque control bar (15) as shown.

12. Put torque control group (15) in position on the stud in the fuel injection pump housing, and install the nut and bolt that hold it in place.

13. Install the gasket and cover (16).

14. Install lever (17) with the ball stud on the lever engaged in the fuel shaft lever and the arm on lever (17) engaged in the groove in the riser. Install the O-ring seal on shaft (18), and put clean fuel on the O-ring seal. Install shaft (18) to hold lever (17) in place. The O-ring seal on shaft (18) must be at the top as shown.

15. Install cover (19).

16. Install spool (20) and the spring on seat (21). Install piston (22) and retainer (23) on the spool. Use Tool (C) to install snap ring (24) on the spool.

17. Install the small spring (25) and seat assembly (21) on the governor shaft.

18. Use Tooling (E) to install the bushing in the governor housing so the bushing is even with the counterbore in the housing.

19. Put 9S-3263 Thread Lock Compoundon the outside diameter of the seal for the governor housing, and use Tooling (E) to install the seal with the lip in as shown. Remove all extra thread lock from the seal and housing. Be sure the drain hole between the bushing and seal is open.

20. Use clean grease to hold O-ring seal (26) in position on the bottom of the governor housing.

21. Put lever (29) in position in the governor housing with a washer (27) on each side of the lever. Install shaft assembly (28) in the governor housing. Install the bolts that hold lever (29) to shaft (28).

22. Install seat (30) and governor springs (31) on the spring guide in the governor housing as shown.

23. Put the gasket and governor housing (32) in position on the fuel injection pump housing.

24. Be sure bolt (33) at the bottom of the governor housing has a washer and O-ring seal (34) on it. Install bolt (33) in the location shown, and install the remainder of the bolts that hold the governor housing in place.

25. Remove the fuel injection pump housing from Tool (A).

26. After installation of the fuel injection pump housing and governor, adjust the fuel setting and high and low idle speeds. See the Systems Operation Testing & Adjusting Manual.

End By:

a. install fuel injection pump housing and governor