Remove Crankshaft Front Seal

Start By:

a. remove crankshaft pulley

1. Remove the front seal with Tool (A).

Install Crankshaft Front Seal

1. Put 5H-2471 Cementon the outer metal surface of the front seal. Put the seal in position on the short end of the installer assembly (A). The lip of the seal must be toward the inside of the engine.

NOTE: If a new wear surface for the front seal is needed, put the spacer from Tooling (A) between the seal and flange of the installer assembly.

2. Put the seal and installer in position on the end of the crankshaft. Install washer (2) that is used to hold the crankshaft pulley and the 2H-3745 Bolt(1). Tighten the bolt until the installer assembly makes contact with the crankshaft gear. Remove Tooling (A) and washer (2).

End By:

a. install crankshaft pulley