42-MT Starting Motor Assemble

Illustration 1 g00810589

1.Put SAE 20W oil on all bushings, seals and oil wicks.

2.Put field winding coil (24) and pole shoes (25) in position in the starting motor housing. Put 9s-3263 Thread Lock Compound on the threads of screws (26). Tighten screws (26) to a torque of 20.3 ± 2.3 N·m (179.7 ± 20.4 lb in).

Illustration 2 g00810588

3.Put 5P-0960 Molybdenum Grease on the armature bushing areas. Do not put grease on the armature core or the commutator. Put armature (23) into the starting motor housing.

Illustration 3 g00810585

4.Install the outside O-ring seals if it is necessary. Install the shift lever housing (21). Install five bolts (22). Install the brake disc on the armature shaft.

Illustration 4 g00810582

5.Install the pinion drive (19) and the shift lever. Install the O-ring seal if it is necessary. Install the shift lever pin (20). Install the retainer (18) with tool (A) .

Illustration 5 g00810579

6.Align the pinion drive housing (16). Install six bolts (17) .

Illustration 6 g00818538

7.Install brushes (15) and negative “-“terminal (14) in the brush holders. Install brush spring (10) against the side of each brush.

Illustration 7 g00810576

8.Install the brush holder. Connect the field winding leads (13) to the brush holder (11) .

9.Put the washer (12) onto the armature assembly. Push the brushes (10) into the holders so that the springs are on top of the brushes.

Illustration 8 g00818558

10.Install the bushing (9) into the rear housing if it is necessary.

Illustration 9 g00810574

11.Install six bolts (8) and rear housing (7). Torque bolts (8) to 5.7 ± 1.1 N·m (50.4 ± 9.7 lb in). Install wire assembly (2), washers, and negative terminal nuts “-“.

Illustration 10 g00810559

12.Install solenoid (1). Align the solenoid link with the hole in the shift lever. Install three bolts (2) in the shift lever housing. Torque bolts (2) to 17.8 ± 3.7 N·m (157.5 ± 32.7 lb in).

13.Install wire assembly (4). Connect motor terminal “MTR” (3) to the starter motor housing.

Illustration 11 g00810580

14.Install pinion clearance adjustment nut (6) .

15.Adjust pinion clearance. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, “Pinion Clearance – Adjust” for pinion clearance adjustments.

Illustration 12 g00818016

16.Install the O-ring seal and bushing (5) .

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