3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Engine Uses Too Much Lubrication Oil

Probable Cause(s):

* Too Much Lubrication Oil In The Engine
* Oil Leaks
* Oil Temperature Is Too High
* Worn Valve Guide Seals
* Worn Pistons, Rings Or Cylinder Walls
* Failure Of Seal Rings In Turbocharger
* Worn Valve Guides

1. Too much lubrication oil in the engine:

Remove extra oil. Find where extra oil comes from. Put correct amount of oil in engine.
2. Oil leaks:

Find all oil leaks. Make repairs as needed. Check for a dirty crankcase breather.

NOTE: Using an electronic service tool check for logged or active diagnostic codes. Refer to 3100 HEUI Diesel Truck Engines Electronic Troubleshooting, SENR6566 for electronic or hydraulic problems.
3. Oil temperature is too high:

Check operation of oil cooler. Install new parts if necessary. Clean the core of the oil cooler. Check coolant temperature. High oil temperature is a function of engine overheating.
4. Worn valve guide seals:

Replace as necessary.
5. Worn pistons, rings or cylinder walls:

Pistons or rings that have damage can be the cause of too much pressure in the crankcase. This condition will cause more than the normal amount of fumes (blow-by) coming from the crankcase breather. The 8T2700 Indicator Group is used to check the amount of blow-by. The test procedure is in Special Instruction, SEHS8712. Inspect and install new parts as needed.
16. Failure of seal rings in turbocharger:

Check inlet piping, ATAAC and manifold for oil and make repairs to the turbocharger if necessary.
7. Worn valve guides:

See the Specifications Section of the Service Manual for the maximum permissible wear of the valve guides. If necessary, recondition the cylinder head.

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