3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Engine Has Excessive Early Wear

Probable Cause(s):

* Dirt In Lubrication Oil
* Contaminated Oil
* Dirt In The Inlet Air
* Fuel Leakage Into Lubrication Oil
* Incorrect Lubrication Oil
* Incorrect Engine Settings
* Incorrect Maintenance Interval For The Desired Application

1. Dirt in lubrication oil:

Remove dirty lubrication oil. Install new filters. Put clean oil in the engine. Check oil filter bypass valve for a weak or broken spring. Cut open filter (s) to check for signs of component failure.
2. Contamination oil:

Take a SOS sample of engine oil for analysis.
3. Dirt in the inlet air:

Inspect all gaskets and connections. Make repairs if leaks are found.
4. Fuel leakage into lubrication oil:

This will cause high fuel consumption and low engine oil pressure. This condition may also increase the oil level in the crankcase. Make repairs if leaks are found. Install new parts where needed. Replace oil and filter (s).
5. Incorrect lubrication oil:

Check oil recommendations for proper oil specifications for engine operating conditions.
6. Incorrect engine settings:

Check valve settings. Refer to the Testing And Adjusting Section of the Service Manual.
7: Incorrect maintenance interval for the desired application:

Review oil change intervals in relation to the nature and severity of the engine application. Review shop records to verify that the recommended intervals are being followed.

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