3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Flywheel – Remove

Removal Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     138-7573     Link Bracket     2    
B     –     Guide Bolt (M16 x 2 by 4 inch)     1    

Note: For information on the reusability of the flywheel on 3116 engines, refer to Guideline For Reusable Parts And Salvage Operations, SEBF8207, “Flywheel Specifications for 3116 Engines”.

1.Support the engine with blocks or a suitable lifting device.

2.Install Tooling (A) on the flywheel. Fasten a suitable lifting device to the flywheel.

3.Remove top bolt (1) and the washers. Install Tooling (B). Remove remaining bolts (1) and the washers.

4.Remove flywheel (2) from Tooling (B). The weight of flywheel (2) is approximately 23 kg (50 lb).

5.Inspect the flywheel ring gear. Replace the ring gear, if necessary. Place the flywheel on a wood block. Use a hammer and a punch in order to remove the flywheel ring gear.


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