3100 HEUI Troubleshooting Idle Shutdown Timer Test

System Operation
When to Use This Procedure

Use this procedure to determine if the Idle Shutdown feature is operating correctly.


The Idle Shutdown Timer is intended to improve fuel economy by limiting idling time.

The Customer Parameter Idle Shutdown may be programmed for any period from 3 to 60 minutes. The timer is activated when the vehicle speed is zero, the engine is not in Cold Mode or dedicated to PTO Mode, and the engine is not under load, regardless of the parking brake position. Ninety seconds before the programmed time is complete, the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon lamp will begin to flash rapidly. During the 90 second perriod, if the drive moves the clutch pedal or service brake pedal, a timer override may occur until the timer is reset. An event Code 71-00 Override of Idle Shutdown Timer (01) will be logged when the driver overrides the timer using the clutch or brake during the 90 second period.

If the parameter Allow Idle Shutdown Override is programmed to NO, the Timer can not be overridden using the brake or clutch during the final 90 second idle shutdown period. YES is the Caterpillar Factory programmed default for the Allow Idle Shutdown Override parameter (allowing override is the default).

If the timer is activated and allowed to shut down the engine, then an Event Code 71-01 Idle Shutdown Timed Out (47) will be set. Code 71-01 records the event and does not indicate an electrical/electronic system malfunction.

Disable the Timer by programming Idle Shutdown Time to zero (Caterpillar Factory Default).

The ECM will shut down the engine but not the vehicle electrical system when the Idle Shutdown Time expires.

The Idle Shutdown Feature can be temporarily disabled using an Electronic Service Tool through the System Troubleshooting Settings screen to help troubleshoot other problems and avoid nuisance engine shutdowns when troubleshooting other systems.

NOTE: If a 84-08 Vehicle Speed Signal Out Of Range (36) Diagnostic Code is Active, the Idle Shutdown Timer will not operate.

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