3100 HEUI Diesel Truck Engine Cylinder Block And Head

The cylinder block has seven main bearings. Two bolts hold each bearing cap to the block.

Removal of the oil pan allows access to the crankshaft, main bearings caps, piston cooling jets, and oil pump.

The camshaft compartment is accessible through covers on the left side of the cylinder block. These side covers support the push rod lifters. The camshaft is supported by bearings pressed into the cylinder block. There are seven camshaft bearings.

The cylinder head is separated from the block by a steel and non-asbestos fiber gasket. Coolant flows out of the block through gasket openings and into the head. This gasket also seals the oil supply and drain passages between the block and the head. The air inlet ports are on the top of the head, while the exhaust ports are located on the right side of the head. There is one intake and one exhaust valve for each cylinder. Replaceable valve guides are pressed into the cylinder head. The hydraulically actuated electronically controlled unit injector is located between the two valves. Fuel is injected directly into the cylinders at very high pressure. A push rod and rocker arm system controls the valves.

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