Programming – Smart Idle Parameters

This parameter is used to determine the voltage trip point below which the Battery Monitor and Engine Speed Control System will automatically elevate engine idle in order to maintain ideal battery system voltage. The engine idle will only be increased if the vehicle is stopped and the transmission is out of gear. If these conditions are not met, the engine idle will not be adjusted.

The engine idle will be increased to 1000 RPM, or will be increased by an amount less than 1000 RPM if the Idle RPM Limit parameter is programmed less than 1000 RPM (see page 47).

This feature requires the installation of a Neutral Switch on J1/P1 terminal-62 (Input #12). Engine speed will only be elevated when the transmission is in neutral.

All electronically controlled on-highway engines covered in this handbook


Promotes additional battery life.

Slight effect on fuel economy if the engine idle is elevated too often.

Set to 12.2 V for a 12 V system, and 24.5 V for a 24 V system.


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