3116 and 3126 HEUI Truck Engines Stopping the Engine

Prior to stopping an engine that is being operated at low loads, operate the engine at low idle for 30 seconds before stopping. If the engine has been operating at highway speeds and/or high loads, operate at low idle for at least three minutes to reduce and stabilize internal engine temperature before stopping the engine.

Ensure that the engine stopping (shutoff) procedure is understood. To stop the engine, use the method that applies to the shutoff system on the vehicle or refer to the instructions that are provided by the OEM of the vehicle.

* To stop the engine, turn the ignition key switch to the OFF position.

After Stopping the Engine

If freezing temperatures are expected, allow the engine jacket water system to cool, then check the coolant for proper antifreeze protection. The engine must be protected against freezing to the lowest expected outside temperature. Add the proper antifreeze/water mixture when required.

Fill the fuel tank at the end of each day of operation to drive out moist air and to prevent condensation. Do not fill the fuel tank to the top. Fuel expands as it gets warm and may overflow.

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