Valve Spring Retainers Now Have Thicker Flanges

All 3208 Industrial, Marine, Generator Set Engines

Reference: “Larger Valve Springs,” May 20, 1981 Engine News, page 5.

Description of Change: The flange thickness has been increased on the valve spring retainers for all 3208 Industrial, Marine and Generator Set Engines. See the reference article. The thickness was increased from 2.8 ± 0.5 mm (.11 ± .02″) to 4.5 ± 0.5 mm (.18 ± .02″). The thickness change was the result of a manufacturing change at the factory.

The increased thickness of the flange has no effect on the operation and use of the retainers.

Adaptable As: The new parts are direct replacements for the former parts. The part numbers for the valve spring retainers were not changed.

Illustration 1 shows a comparison of the new and former 9N5497 Valve Spring Retainers (double spring) used in turbocharged 3208 Engines. Illustration 2 shows a comparison of the new and former 1W4260 Valve Spring Retainers (single spring) used in naturally-aspirated 3208 Engines. The cup-shaped 9L9425 Retainer used on earlier engines was not changed.

Illustration 1.
Illustration 2.

Publication Date -27/04/1983

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