Use Only Stainless Steel Cylinder Liner Shims To Salvage Damaged 4.75″ Bore Cylinder Blocks

3300 Family Of Engines

Reference: Special Instruction; Form FM055228-03; “Using 8S3140 Cylinder Block Counterboring Tool Arrangement” for All Caterpillar Engines With Cylinder Liners; Page 15.

Only stainless steel cylinder liner shims are recommended for salvage operations on 4.75″ bore cylinder blocks. A shim is defined as: “A stamped steel spacer which is not machined flat on both sides.” Cylinder blocks which show signs of wear or damage (fretting, corrosion, cracks, or a wear step on top of the block under the liner flange) can be repaired. Previously, it was recommended to use the 8S6045, 8S6046, 8S6047, 8S6048, or 8S6049 Cylinder Liner Shims (steel), for salvaging the cylinder block. This is mentioned in the Service Manual and the Reference. However, it is now recommended to use ONLY the stainless steel cylinder liner shims mentioned in this article.

To salvage a worn or damaged cylinder block, see the Reference, and follow the “Procedure To Salvage 4.75″ Bore Cylinder Blocks” in this article. See the chart for the stainless steel cylinder liner shims available.

NOTE: Use ONLY stainless steel cylinder liner shims to salvage 4.75″ bore cylinder blocks. Shims (of any material) are NOT recommended to adjust the liner projection in the 3300 Family Of Engines.


Publication Date -01/12/1990

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